Cloud computing is becoming an option to save business costs. In fact, it is a profitable and flexible formula to supply technologies to the business through a better use of resources. But why is it an opportunity for integrators? How can you help us in our company?

In this comprehensive technical paper (17 pages and written in Spanish), they explain that to help IT meet today’s challenges, system integrators have a great opportunity to adapt their current business models. Over the past two decades, customers have been able to migrate to cross-platform models that include, among others, distributed computing, web services and thin client technology.

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The truth is that the cloud is another platform in which the key is to understand and rationalize the supply process. This is the main task of the system integrator: to take complex interactions and turn them into IT solutions. This Interxion document identifies the points at which system integrators can bring their expertise and how they can integrate the cloud into their strategic solution platforms.

Keep in mind that cloud infrastructure enables IT organizations to share computing resources across multiple applications and groups of users in a dynamic way. Applications, middleware and infrastructure that no longer have difficulties to dock and whose allocation of resources is done quickly and flexibly.

There are three fundamental cloud models: private, public, and hybrid, as well as market-oriented versions such as cloud communities targeting specific groups and markets.


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Simply put, cloud computing is Internet-based. In the past, we were able to run applications and programs on the physical computers and servers in the building from downloaded software. Cloud computing enables people to access the same type of applications on the Internet.

When updating Facebook status, I use cloud computing. Do you want to check the bank’s contact information on your mobile phone? You are still in the clouds. Even when you are moving or email, even if you are using a large number of applications to manage your workload, you can solve the problems of small and medium enterprises by using cloud information.

In short, clouds will soon be new. By the end of 2015, it is estimated that 90% of British companies are using at least one service in the cloud.

Why do so many companies go to the cloud? Cloud computing improves cash flow, improves productivity, and brings many other advantages.

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