As the saying goes “to taste the colors” and if we mix colors with technology, there are examples for almost everything. Although not all colors inspire the same or help to sell in the same way, the truth is that they are essential for buyers to identify a brand or interpret a message.

Knowing the importance of colors, we wanted to make a compilation with the most usual of the technology industry. In addition to knowing the meaning of the colors and the most representative companies that use it, we hope that this exercise can serve to help us in a corporate change of image or in a rethinking of the strategy of your store.

The colors used in different ranges reach the users to move one or the other impression. And they really do. Because the aggressiveness of the red of Media Markt is not the same as the peace of the blue sky of HP. In fact, in large corporations color is so important that it is even recorded so that others can not use it. This is the case with Tiffany blue.

Although in many cases companies play with a couple of corporate colors, we have stayed with the color they officially use in the logo of their website to give examples.


Passion, love, aggressiveness, courage, energy, courage are the feelings that red brings. A very powerful definition by definition that looks for fast decision making.

Although in business technology is not the most used color – there are some exceptions like Fujitsu-, in consumption we see it more frequently to encourage the purchase with aggressive messages.

Companies that use it: Media Markt, Worten, Fujitsu, Avnet …


Stability, depth, transparency, calmness and sincerity are the values ​​associated with blue. A color that is used to reflect peace and decision making calmer.

On the level of professional technology is one of the most used. Whether you look at most wholesalers or look at manufacturers with a corporate portfolio, color is very common. In consumption, cases are reduced.

Companies that use it: Tech Data, Aryan, Westcon, Diode, HP, Samsung, Cisco, Panda, 1 & 1, D-Link …


Happiness, enthusiasm, joy, creativity or mental activity are the feelings that fit with the orange. With the combination of red and yellow, this color can tire fast but look for movement.

In technology the orange is used mainly in the plane of sale on-line. Also the operators bet on this tone that draws much attention but is not as aggressive as red.

Companies that use it: Amazon, Alibaba, PC Components, Jazztel, Orange …

Green Freshness, harmony, growth, safety or relaxation are related to green. The color of nature par excellence inspires peace and relaxation as it is relaxing. In dark tones it has a lot to do with money.

In technology is not the most used color. However, some companies bet on it in small doses as part of their logo to bring that tranquility that is associated with the tone.

Companies that use it: APP Computer, PC Box, Sage, Veeam …


Light, goodness, purity, security, cleanliness or freshness are the values ​​that inspire the target. Color has a lot to do with simplicity and minimalism too. So much so that this color is becoming more popular in design.

The technology does not escape the trends in design and more and more companies are betting on a blank official logo. Companies of all kinds, especially traditional manufacturers, seek with this tone to continue giving purity and security.

Companies that use it: Mountain, IBM, VMware, Cisco, Arsys, Apple


Power, elegance, formality, authority, strength are aspects related to the black. Although it is a very powerful color it also has a negative side related to death and pain.

Seeing their meanings is not the color that most technological companies use in their logo. However, if it is very recurrent as part of the corporate image to contribute those first values ​​that we discussed. Of the few companies that bet on black, at least in a significant part of its brand, is Microsoft.



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