By 2013 the public cloud services business could reach $ 47.4 billion. A figure that estimates IDC that will reach 107,000 million in 2017. Thus, this type of services will be in continuous boom thanks to the new habits of consumers and companies when using the technology. A future that adds to the private cloud with high expectations, too.

One of the determining factors in the growth of public cloud services is the variety of options, claims the consultant. This has accelerated adoption, which in some cases includes the private cloud.

Frank Genk, senior vice president and chief analyst at IDC, comments:

“The first wave of adoption of public cloud services focused on improving the efficiency of IT departments. After several years, evolution has made companies invest in becoming more competitive with the cloud. The emerging cloud is creating a new business that accelerates adoption and has expanded the strategy with new service models of all kinds. ”

As for the future, competition and accommodation are expected to establish the basis for a basic public cloud service with IaaS. However, as the price goes down, the actors will create more specialized solutions for different channels and markets. Thus, suppliers will have to combine these two facets: price and specialization.

IDC expects cloud services, in general, to account for 17% of all IT products by 2017. In addition, they predict that it will deliver half the growth in technology including applications, systems infrastructure, platforms such as services (PaaS), servers and storage basic. However, it will be the IaaS that will mark the growth rate with 59.7% of revenues in 2017.

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The public cloud service is the biggest disaster in the high-tech market in the last 15 years, adoption is accelerating. Revenues from public cloud platforms, business services and

applications (SaaS) are expected to grow to $ 226 billion by 22 percent CAGR from 2015 to 2020. So far. In addition, we anticipate the expansion of cloud adoption as an alternative to traditional business applications, platforms and services. CIO: Use this forecast to compare the pace and shape of the public cloud strategy.


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