The new Dataprius Web Application is now available. A revamped, lightweight and greatly improved website for all users to access their Dataprius accounts from the PC or from their mobile devices. The new web site precedes the release of a new desktop application update, is Dataprius improvements for spring 2017.

The new Web application is much faster, fits on screen to all mobile devices, allows basic operations with files and folders.

The newest thing is that it comes equipped with online editors of Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

It breaks the monopoly of the online publishers who kept Google Docs and Microsoft 365 so far. We offer an agile, practical and economical alternative. Everything, of course, with the privacy and data protection features of our file system.


Responsive for all types of mobile devices.

Fast browsing for folders and files. Fastview own technology.

Optimized file search.

Process of uploading files to optimized folders.

Basic folder operations: create folder, rename, delete.

Basic operations with files, create file, rename, delete.

Download multiple files selected in Zip format.

Sending emails to multiple users, to addresses and with attachments.

Creation and editing of Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. In addition to LibreOffice and OpenOffice formats.

New Image Browser.

Online edition of Office documents.

Office document editing is now available for all Dataprius payment accounts. All our clients have 2 free “active sessions” to edit Word, Excel and Power Point documents.

create office documents

Unlike Microsoft 365, Dataprius does not post the Office edition to user accounts. Instead, we count as “active sessions”. These are the simultaneous sessions in which documents are being edited. In short, it establishes how many users may be editing documents at the same time.

For example, if a company has 40 users in Dataprius it will be able to contract 10 “active sessions”. This means that there may be 10 users editing different Office documents at the same time. The company will not need to hire the Office edition for its 40 users. This means a considerable saving and a much better payment for consumption.

In short the prices of the “Active Sessions” will be available from our website.

Example. Editing a Word file.

If editing Office files is enabled in our Dataprius account, clicking on a Word file will appear in the file options menu.

menu edit word document

Word files are opened in two different ways, depending on the device with which we have entered the web application. Everything depends on the size of the screen and the system adjusts automatically. In one case it shows an editor with all the options and in another one that is optimized to work in small screens.

The following image shows the editor of Word using the application in the browser of a PC.

word editor for pc

The following image shows the editor of Word using the application in the navigator of a mobile.

mobile word editor

Editing an Excel file

Like the Word editor, Excel also comes in two different formats depending on the size of the screen.

The following image shows the Excel editor using the application in a mobile browser.

Excel editor for mobile

Supported Document Formats

DOC File name extension for documents created by the Microsoft Word processor

DOCX Open Office XML

is a compressed, XML-based file format developed by Microsoft for representation of tables, graphics, presentations and word processors

ODT OpenDocument word processor format is an open standard for electronic documents

RTF Rich Text Format

is document format developed by Microsoft for cross-platform document exchange.

TXT Name extension for documents that generally contains very few formatting elements.

PDF Portable Document Format

is a file format used for document representation in a way independent of application software, hardware, and operating system.

HTML Hypertext Markup Language

is the main markup language for web pages.

EPUB Electronic publication

is a free and open eBook standard created by International Digital Publishing Forum.

XPS Open XML Paper Specification

is a free document format, with a fixed layout developed by Microsoft.

DjVu It is a file format created primarily to save scans especially such that contain the combination of text, drawings and photographs.

Supported Spreadsheet Formats

XLS Is a file extension for spreadsheet created by Microsoft Excel

XLSX Is a default file extension for spreadsheet written in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (or the most recent version)

ODS Is a file extension for spreadsheet used by OpenOffice and StarOffice sets, an open standard for worksheets

CSV Values ​​separated by commas

It is a file format used to store tabular data (numbers and text) in an unencrypted text format

Try all features

For those who do not have a registered Dataprius account and want to try, it will suffice that they download the free application from our website: Downloads. Once the application is installed, simply send a message to technical support, a simple message requesting that you enable the editing of Office documents online.

files in the web app

Coming soon comparative and use experience

In an upcoming article we will post comparative tables with respect to other Office editors. Also the highlights of our new application and the opinions of our users.

The next desktop application update will also include the Office editors. This way it will not be necessary to have any office suite to work directly on the PC, just having Dataprius installed already covered the need for editing files. Direct work in the cloud and independent.

The following image shows the Excel editor using the application in the browser of a PC.



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