More training, incentives and certifications for Sophos partners


With good corporate results by banner, Sophos wants to continue awarding its channel. To do this, it has renewed its program. The platform integrates new training, certification and incentive initiatives. In addition, it offers outstanding features for the old Sophos and Astaro partners.

Thus, the Sophos channel program integrates the highlights of the company’s former partners and the best components of the Astaro. In this way, partners can distribute the entire Sophos product portfolio.

In addition, Sophos has created a training program with three new certification courses designed to give more technical and sales training to its distributors. In addition, the training section of the partner portal integrates more offers and visibility into course development.

A program for “all”

Sophos has wanted to adapt to different business models. Hence, their program integrates different levels of partnership. Partners can choose the degree of collaboration best suited to their business needs.

In this regard, Mike McGuinness, senior vice president of worldwide sales and operations at Sophos, explains:

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“We have focused on 100% of the partners; which are the lifeblood of our organization, so it is crucial for us to continue making significant investments in our channel. ” We are very excited about this program, through which, we anticipate, we will generate great success for our growing global membership base. No other vendor in the industry delivers the breadth and depth of award-winning comprehensive security solutions that, coupled with new, more cost-effective pricing models, will provide partners with a better chance of success. ”


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Sophos has announced an update to its partner program to take full advantage of public cloud opportunities.

Sophos is an expansion of the entire Sophos partner program, the expansion of the new partner program was inspired by the partner conference held in May. This new program enables partners to recognize customer-guaranteed transactions through Amazon Web Services and the Azure market and earn benefits and discounts from those transactions beyond the full share of Sophos partners. .

This new program also includes new training, certifications and incentives for partners that move customers to the public cloud. In addition, Sophos said that it also provides lead-sharing for specialized partners and also provides free trial product sales and Pay-as-You-Go testing and pipeline lead generation.


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