The concept of cloud computing, or cloud computing, began with large-scale Internet service providers such as Google, Amazon AWS, and others who built their own infrastructure. From among them emerged an architecture: a system of horizontally distributed resources introduced as massively scaled IT virtual services and managed as continuously configured and pooled resources.

This model of architecture was immortalized by George Gilder in his October 2006 article in Wired magazine titled “Information Factories.”

Server farms, on which Gilder wrote, were similar in their architecture to “grid” processing, but while networks are used for loosely coupled technical processing applications (loosely coupled, a system composed of subsystems with a certain autonomy of action, that maintain a continuous interrelation between them), this new model of cloud was being applied to Internet services.

40 years ago the first e-mail was sent and there began the path of one of the most common forms of remote storage, growing enormously in recent years (does anyone remember the limits in the inboxes?).

Nowadays, it is also possible to use completely hosted software in the cloud, improving all processes and drastically reducing costs, reducing memory requirements for process execution and maintenance, increasing the efficiency of any organization by facilitating the access at any moment, from any point and from any device. These and many others are the advantages and history of cloud computing.

In Dos Control we started in 2011 to forge the History of Cloud Computing in Spanish companies. Since early 2011 many of our existing and new customers have moved to the cloud.

Our strong commitment to the latest technology, together with a long experience in the implementation and maintenance of software in companies, has consolidated us in the forefront of Cloud Computing.

Our organization offers to any company, regardless of its size, the possibility to change all its systems to its own cloud. This, along with the emergence of SaaS (Software as a Service) where our company has also been a pioneer, has made our star project, Cloud Control Solutions, have aroused great expectations and deserved numerous mention and most importantly: the trust of a large number of companies.

Dos Control has a solution suitable for any type of company, regardless of its size and whether you already have your own systems hosted on expensive servers located in your premises.

In addition, as mentioned above, we also have subscription software.




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