Could you go from IaaS to SaaS?

IDC forecasts for Asia-Pacific suggest that this year will be spent more on cloud infrastructure (IaaS) than on software in the cloud (SaaS). A tonic that while not widespread worldwide, could be in a few years due to the rise of the cloud as a model of storage between businesses and virtual desktops.

While forecasts for the Asia region speak of a 29% increase in SaaS spending, the increase increases to 35.8% if the reference is IaaS. Some $ 4.8 billion in investment this year for infrastructure that continues to add allies between suppliers and companies.


Globally, the data show that during the first quarter of 2017, 39% of the infrastructure is already in the cloud. A percentage that is still far from being the majority but that grows as the months pass and it generated a volume of business of 8,000 million dollars. In the case of SaaS will continue to mark the cloud domain and it will be difficult to remove the power IaaS. In fact by 2021 could account for 60% of the investment cloud.

In the Spanish case IaaS is already a consolidated market with a large supply that this year will take to represent almost half of the infrastructure. The compound annual growth rate of the different ways of adopting the public cloud in Spain vary. In this sense, the same consultant expects a rise of 25.3% for IaaS, 31.7% for PaaS and 18% if we refer to the SaaS. Data that show the same syntony as on a global level.

With forecasts in hand we see that, despite the strong increase in IaaS demand, software as a service pushes hard. Their increases are lower but their investment is much higher than today. Thus, we see it very complicated that, at least this year, is exceeded at the global level. In the near future, and with the maturing of the cloud, it is more feasible since the infrastructure usually requires higher budgets than software.



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