CA Technologies partners are clear. Companies are seeing the benefits of technology in the cloud and will continue to bet on it. This is the main conclusion of the annual study developed by the company with the collaboration of its channel.

70% of partners believe that cloud computing spending will increase this year, compared to 61% forecast in 2011 or 48% in 2010. According to these partners, 67% of customers are already using some form of cloud computing. cloud services and an additional 15% expect to do so throughout this year.

With the results of the report in hand, Marco Comastri, president of CA Technologies for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region comments:

“The increased spending on cloud computing predicted by this year’s Channel Index reflects that the cloud model is a good response to the pressures facing the modern enterprise. IT departments are required to deliver new applications and services to a greater number of users, both internal and external, quickly and cost-effectively. To respond quickly to these demands, customers value different cloud models. We are committed to supporting you as you move into that new hybrid world. ”

Among the reasons for using cloud computing is that of obtaining greater scalability and agility in the business. In addition, a Gartner study points to other benefits such as lower operating and total costs, increased value added and risk reduction in the business.

The CA Technologies Channel Index study also concludes that cloud customers are saving 15% on their annual IT budgets, last year the percentage was 12%.

Although the private cloud dominates the industry with 57% of partners reporting that their customers are using it, 47% use public cloud systems and 33% cloud hybrid. Thus, the latter is the one that has grown the most in recent times. In fact, when asked what type of cloud they think will be the most used within five years, 62% of partners responded to hybrid clouds, 28% to private clouds and only 10% to public clouds.



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