A Gartner survey shows that 60% of companies are willing to invest in cloud and CRM solutions over the next 2 years. That is why the SaaS world will become a key piece in boom that will give wings to the software sector. The economic situation will force to adjust the expenses but within this bad situation, it seems that the software will have fewer problems.

However, cloud growth will not be equal in all geographic areas. Hai Hong Swineheart, Gartner analyst explains the situation:

“It is clear that mature regions are focusing on public cloud computing as emerging areas focus on the private cloud. This could be because in some countries there is an immature telecommunications infrastructure and because data security is a constant in the public cloud. ”

However, there are many more factors that alter the need to adopt cloud services or not. The laws of each territory, added taxes or specific needs are some of the arguments that delay this adoption. Depending on all this cloud services will be adopted or not.

Still, Gartner expects software spending to increase worldwide from now until 2014. Budgets will be more plentiful in the United States and Western Europe where the market is more mature. Meanwhile, Western Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific will have higher growth rates because they are less exploited areas in this sector.

Among the most demanded technologies will be CRM software, security and virtualization. These solutions are the top priorities of those surveyed by Gartner, although in Europe and Asia-Pacific do not have as much fixation on virtualization.

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Public clouds are growing in the markets of North America and Western Europe, but the private cloud holds preferences in emerging markets

Analysts and CRM Future Trends Gartner Customer Strategies & Technologies Summit 2013, June 5-6, June, UK London, Gartner Client 360 Summit May 1-3, 2013, San Diego, California

According to a recent study by Gartner, Inc, the introduction of facilities and software as a service (SaaS) slightly increases the worldwide growth of software spending by 2014, Gartner said in the third quarter, led 2012 year to review the company’s IT budget spending plan in 2013 and 2014

According to Gartner research analyst Hai Hong Swineheart, “As a result of this research, it became clear that software expenditures would increase smoothly globally by fiscal year 2014. However, due to the high priority and control of regional differences , It is necessary to continue.

In areas where IT maturity is high, such as North America and Western Europe, it can not be said that the budget increase will decline over the next two years, but in developing countries with Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and other inexperienced IT infrastructure software expenses Budget increase.

According to the survey results, new software licenses (on-premises, including applications) continue to be adopted as important priorities in emerging regions and 69% of respondents expect the budget for new software licenses to increase in 2014. Regional differences are related to the number of mature systems with maintenance costs and technical support. The latest software licenses (on – site, including applications) are often used in mature areas with few mature infrastructures, but maintenance and software support (license renewal and technical support) are available in mature mature ripe areas.


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