If IDC forecasts are met, this year we will close with a turnover of around 128,000 million dollars, 25.4% more than in 2016. The figure will climb to 266,000 million dollars by 2021.

The responsible for a good deal of investment in the cloud of companies will continue to increase in numbers in the coming years. In the next 5 years the rise of the public cloud will be of 21% annually.

Although the United States will take 60% of the public cloud investment with a $ 163 billion business by 2021, Western Europe, with the strong push of Germany, Italy and Sweden, and Asia Pacific without Japan, will be the territories that will bring more income. Respectively, they will produce 52,000 and 25,000 million dollars in 5 years.


The SaaS will continue to dominate the investment of companies in matters of cloud in all its styles, although in Spain the PaaS has special incidence. Two-thirds of this year’s spending will be allocated to software as a service that by 2021 will account for 60% of the business. In the more concrete case of the public cloud, practically half of the investment will be for this typology of solutions that encompass CRM and resource management applications in 2019.

By categorizing companies most likely to invest in public cloud, the trend will continue to be in large corporations, companies with more IT budget and waistline to innovate. 20% of the expenditure in the next 5 years will be derived from these, while the medians will be the ones that accelerate the implementation with a rise of 22.8% until 2021.


Cloud Skyrockets
What is cloud computing? There are many reasons for the most reminding trend of technology. Starting with the fact that it helps to reduce the leading capital needed to build a computing infrastructure and to develop software. Cloud services are so attractive that the total market is expected to nearly triple from 2010 to 2016.1 (Yes, you are right.)

Of course, technology companies demanded cloud computing, which led to many records and mergers and acquisitions. Software and Internet services represented 57% of transactions closed in 2012, which has steadily increased over the past two years. It turned out that the cloud was much more than the passing storm.


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