Confusion around artificial intelligence is often due to the absence of real projects. A problem that Microsoft tries to tackle to hit successful cases and proposals to continue forming their channels. An impulse in which he bases his new strategy where he is doubling efforts to position himself.

Microsoft says its vision of artificial intelligence is focused on people. Just the humanity is the axis of action in his project Reasoning Network. The proposal seeks to “explore the turns and reason about the relationship between questions, documents and answers”. A field where Redmond wants to be the fastest in “teaching” machines.

But to see a real example of what artificial intelligence can bring, we go to the largest hospital in Portugal. Microsoft, through its partner DevScope, has implemented a solution that can predict up to 30% of UCI income seven days in advance.

microsoft_inteligencia artificial

For its part, Prism Skylabs, a San Francisco-based company, connects cameras within companies with cloud-based AI technology and machine learning tools. Its software, powered by Microsoft’s cognitive services, is capable of extracting video information that helps them understand, share, and act immediately.

Others like the technology company Saber have built a chatbot based on home technology that acts as a virtual travel agent. Travelers can thus use the bot daily for day-to-day operations, such as changing a flight reservation. They may also divert the communication to a travel agent if they can not comply with an application.

In addition, the giant has introduced the AI ​​for Earth program. This resource will provide NGOs and other agencies with access to artificial intelligence tools and services as well as technical support so that they can more effectively and effectively address issues and problems related to water, agriculture, climate change and climate change. biodiversity.

More strategic investment

Microsoft is clear that artificial intelligence will create opportunities in many areas. That is why it has announced a new research and incubation laboratory within Microsoft Research, where there are more than 7,500 employees, to delve deeper in this area. This unit will explore the best way to bring the benefits of this technology to the developer community.

The investment and momentum continues in a corporation that has stopped focusing on software as its only business mission to aupar the most popular solutions and trends. Cloud or artificial intelligence are the most heard words in this new Microsoft that is far from what it was a decade ago and where the specialization of its channel is key.



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