Amazon, Google and Microsoft continue to drive the cloud business

If we have to talk about figures who have used their infrastructure to upload to the cloud to thousands of companies those are references such as Amazon, Google or Microsoft. Similar approximations have made that, according to Canalys data, the market has grown by 47% in the second quarter with very interesting growth for some of the actors.

The volume generated during the months of April and June was about 14,000 million dollars. A figure that according to Sinergy Research estimates was $ 11 billion, up slightly more than 40 percent.

For both consultants the leaders are the same but the growth levels, no: Canalys comments that Amazon Web Services grew 42%; Microsoft, 97% while Google, 92%. The fourth in disagreement, IBM, only added 23%. These four cloud providers account for 55% of the sector. Meanwhile, Sinergy estimates that the big rise was for AWS with 34 more points while Microsoft, IBM and Google grew 11%, 8% and 5%, respectively. At the private cloud level, the blue giant would be the leader while the IaaS and PaaS will be shared by the other three competitors.

In any case, both consultants affirm that the results are more than good. John Dinsdale, director of research and analyst at Synergy, added: “Some of the numbers are especially good like the AWS case that has reached $ 1.2 billion in the last four quarters and gets 40 percent of the share.”

Of course they are not the only rivals. In the cloud battle virtually all IT manufacturers are integrated. Oracle, Alibaba or Fujitsu are other great players who do not want to miss this opportunity of present and, above all, of future.

The momentum is given by the rise of cloud storage among companies of all kinds. The demand for cloud services directly related to infrastructure has grown in recent years motivated by the message of the sector that already has a mature and competent offer.



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